benefits of chewing ginger

Ginger is a flavoursome spice that has been a blessing for humans. There are ample ginger health benefits mentioned in the ancient texts. Ginger is full of medicinal properties and is a topmost go-to plant for various ailments and diseases. Ginger is a prized spice in several cultures. It is warming, zingy, and comes with a zesty taste and aroma. Ginger health benefits can prove to be helpful with various diseases in the long run. Ginger has three varieties – yellow, red, and white. 

Apart from benefits like being a good cleanser and a detoxifying agent, ginger turns meals like bakes, juices, salads, desserts, etc., into delightful pleasures. You can experiment with ginger in preparing meals and add it on as per your taste. What is important is to consume it regularly for health benefits. Listed below are some ginger health benefits. Let us take a quick look:-

  • Excellent antioxidant properties
  • Remedy for motion sickness and nausea
  • Aids in digestion and relieves flatulence
  • Anti-cancer benefits
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • A natural expectorant for cough
  • Encourages healthy circulations
  • Keeps you warm
  • Effective detoxification
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Helps fight infections
  • Improves brain function and renders protection against Alzheimer’s disease
  • Help reduce cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease
  • Significantly reduces menstrual pain
  • Benefits the skin
  • Benefits the hair
  • Protects your DNA
  • Protects your Liver
  • Is helpful with Asthma

health benefits of using ginger
Various Health benefits of Ginger

  1. Excellent antioxidant properties – Antioxidant molecules inhibit oxidation of the other present molecules. Oxidation produces free radicals that further induce a set of chemical reactions that infects cells. Such chain reactions can also lead to cancer. Antioxidant molecules eliminate free radicals and prevent damaging reactions. Ginger is extremely healthy as it is an excellent antioxidant. When incorporated into your daily lifestyle, you can enjoy several ginger health benefits.
  2. Remedy for motion sickness and nausea – Travel sickness, nausea, and morning sickness are common elements in people. Ginger is extremely effective with these frequent ailments. It is natural and effective even when consumed in a decent amount. Ginger is an efficient medication for curing vomiting and dizziness. Additionally, ginger health benefits are also tried, tested and safe for pregnant women. Hence, in the case of morning sickness, one can easily rely on this natural remedy.
  3. Aids in digestion and relieves flatulence – Ginger is an excellent flatulence agent and helps in easy digestion. It is an intestinal spasmolytic. Meaning, it helps to soothe the intestines. Therefore, for easy and hassle-free digestion, you can easily rely on ginger. 
  4. Anti-cancer benefits – Ginger is rich in active phytonutrients called gingerols. Gingerols are beneficial components that fight cancerous cells. Consuming it in moderate quantity can eliminate the risk of cancer. 
  5. Anti-inflammatory properties – Ginger health benefits include anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show that sufferers of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis have shown powered responses to ginger consumption.
  6. A natural expectorant for cough – If you face coughing and mucus formation, ginger can help render relief. Ginger consumption helps mucus release in the case of coughing and cold.   
  7. Encourage healthy circulations – Ginger helps lower the blood pressure by stimulating circulation. Ginger also prevents blood platelets from clotting together, further thinning the blood and reducing the risks of blood clots and atherosclerosis.
  8. Keeps you warm – Ginger features stimulation, perspiration-inducing, and circulatory properties. These properties help keep the human body warm. During winters, when the cold hit you hard, ginger can help to keep you naturally warm.
  9. Effective detoxification Ginger promotes sweating. Sweating features the release of toxins. Out of several detoxification food elements, ginger is one of the most effective choices.
  10. Other benefits of Ginger – Studies show that ginger is full of natural detoxification elements. Sweat comprises an element called dermcidin, which is a power-packed germ-fighting agent. Ginger promotes perspiration, which leads to a healthy lifestyle. Dermicidin deposits on the skin surface and helps to fight micro-organisms.
  11. Helps with weight loss – As per studies and experiments conducted in animals and humans, ginger is a natural edible item for weight loss. The ability of ginger to promote weight loss is related to a few mechanisms, including inflammation reduction and calories burnt.

A literature review of 2019 shows that ginger supplements help in reducing obesity significantly. The waste to hip ratio reduced effectively in people suffering from obesity. 

As per a study conducted in 2016, ginger effectively reduces BMI (body mass index) and blood insulin level. The study conducted on eighty obese women showed impressive results. Results showed a reduction in obesity that further led to a drop in insulin levels. The participants consumed about 2 grams of ginger powder for about three months. 

Conclusively, as per studies and experiments, ginger helps to improve weight-related measures. These body measurements include waist to hip ratio. 

12. Helps fight infections – Ginger contains gingerol. Gingerol, on the other hand, decreases the risk of infectious diseases. Ginger extract disrupts the thriving of various kinds of bacteria. As per studies of 2008, ginger is effective in fighting oral bacteria. Ginger is known to be highly effective with inflammatory diseases named periodontitis and gingivitis. If consumed in fresh form, ginger is also helpful in curing viral diseases like respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). 

13.Improves brain function and renders protection against Alzheimer’s disease –Chronic inflammation and oxidative stress lead to quicker ageing. Inflammation accelerates Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive deterioration. A few animal studies state that the bioactive and antioxidant compounds in ginger repress the inflammatory responses occurring in the brain. As per a study held in 2021, ginger consumption led to improved working memory and reaction time in mid-aged females. Therefore, ginger is also beneficial in improving brain function.

14. Helps reduce cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease – Your diet can be highly influential in reducing cholesterol levels. As per a study of 2018, hyperlipidemia patients consuming ginger witnessed a drop in cholesterol levels by around 17% in 90 days. They ingested about 5 grams of ginger daily. However, the consumed quantity of ginger was relatively high in the study.

15. Significantly reduces menstrual pain – Menstruation pain is known as Dysmenorrhea. Ginger is used for ages to relieve menstruation pain. It is one of the traditional ways to curb pain and should be consumed at the beginning of the menstrual period. As per studies, ginger is as powerful as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Daily doses of ginger are as effective as ibuprofen or mefenamic acid.

16. Ginger health benefits for healthy skin – 

ginger benefits for healthy skin
A Glowing skin can be achieved by using ginger

Apart from being a cure for various ailments, Ginger is also good to maintain healthy skin. It is capable of rendering healthy skin to people who consume it regularly. If you face skin issues like acne, you can cure it naturally by including ginger in your daily diet. Some of the other skin benefits of ginger are listed below: 

  • Glowing skin:- Applying a bit of ginger paste to your skin can make it shine. If you do not feel like applying a ginger paste to your face, you can also consume ginger tea. 
  • Reducing white scars:- White scars on skin are stubborn. Applying ginger on the scars and keeping it for fifteen minutes can work wonders in reducing them. Though the natural process can take a longer duration, it is better than chemically conducted skin treatments. 
  • Anti-ageing:- Consuming adrak tea frequently can help reduce wrinkles and inhibit ageing.
  • Skin toning:- Ginger makes the skin soft and healthy. Therefore, offering you a fresh and young look.

17. Ginger health benefits for healthy hair – 

ginger health benefits for healthy hair
Healthy Hair by Eating Ginger

Ginger is good for healthy hair and helps cure dandruff and hair fall problems. The benefits of ginger are listed below:-

  • Leads to hair growth:- Ginger helps in improving blood circulation to the scalp. Increased blood circulation helps in hair growth. 
  • Help reduce dandruff:- The antiseptic properties of ginger helps to prevent dandruff. Ginger leads to sweating, and sweat further leads to the release of natural oils. Natural oils act as antiseptics and prevent dandruff. 
  • Reduces hair fall:- Ginger roots are beneficial for hair fall problems. You can consume it in the form of food or beverage or even apply a ginger root hair mask for results.
  • Helps treat split ends:- The antioxidant properties of ginger help treat split end problems. It is also beneficial in managing dry and rough hair

18. Protect your DNA with ginger consumption – Ginger protects the DNA from getting damaged. It helps keep away any form of deformities in the newly born. As per a study, ginger increases the sperm count in men. The study reviewed 100 men consuming ginger, and the results showed their sperm count enhanced.

19. Ginger protects your Liver- Several harmful chemicals hurt the human liver. Ginger is said to protect the liver from such harmful chemicals. With aging, various drugs and heavy metals deposit on the liver. Ginger is known to wash these chemicals off from the organ. Additionally, it also protects the liver from scaring and damaging.

20. Ginger for Asthma – Ginger is a well-known herb for curing asthma. It is rich in anti-inflammatory elements that help even in the case of severe asthma cases. A 2013 study reveals that consuming oral ginger supplements tend to improve the symptoms of asthma. You can incorporate ginger juice for asthma in your daily diet and witness results in a short duration. 

Is ginger tea good for blood circulation?

Ginger tea is a common beverage, and an increased number of people are including it in their regular diet. It is a common herb featuring several health benefits. It helps in fighting inflammation, fight nausea, improve blood circulation, fight respiratory problems, etc. 

Benefits of eating ginger with honey

benefits of eating ginger with honey
Ultimate Health Benefits of Eating ginger with Honey

Ginger with honey benefits is renowned in Ayurveda. When consumed together, they help to cure various respiratory problems like coughing and cold. Honey behaves as a transmitter of ginger to the human body. Hot water ginger and honey benefit the human body in several ways. It helps in curing a cold along with soothing the irritated throat. People also consume ginger and honey recipe for cancer. It is said to fight cancerous cells and helps keep the fatal disease at bay.

Both ingredients have separate benefits. They are both exceptional antioxidants and help in easy digestion. People consume honey and ginger in the form of concoction. Some of the honey and ginger benefits are listed as follows:-

  • Natural pain killer
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Helps in preventing morning sickness and nausea
  • Helps in curing cough and cold
  • Boosts digestion
  • Benefits the heart

Effects of chewing raw ginger

benefits of chewing raw ginger
The Ultimate Benefits of Chewing Raw Ginger

Ginger can be used in multiple ways. You can enjoy hot ginger tea or even prepare a ginger concoction. Traditionally, ginger is used in food preparations for ages. It adds a distinct flavour to the meals you prepare. In India, people brew ginger with tea and consume it 3 to 4 times a day. However, ginger can also be chewed raw. There are various health benefits of chewing raw ginger. Some of the many benefits are listed as follows:-

Helps to reduce menstrual pain

Helps to fight morning sickness

Prevents cancer

Helps in acid reflux

Helps lower blood sugar levels

Improves digestion

Helps to reduce soreness and reduces muscle pain

Prevents heart diseases

Acts as an excellent anti-inflammatory element

Health benefits of eating pickled ginger

benefits of pickled ginger
The Delicious Ginger Pickle can do wonders for you

There are several health benefits of fermented food items. Pickled ginger helps to reduce inflammation, regulate gut function, and boost immunity. Fermented edibles like pickled ginger boost our capacity to absorb nutrients. Ginger pickle, in particular, helps to reduce nausea and stimulate circulation. 

How to add ginger to your diet?

using ginger in regular diet
Grab the Ultimate Health Benefits by adding Ginger to Your Diet

There are various ways to incorporate ginger into your regular meals. Let us take a look at some choices noted below:- 

  1. Add ginger to your coffee:- Coffee is an excellent antioxidant source across the world. Coffee with ginger creates a power-packed free radical fighting team. You can try your hands on preparing the traditional ginger coffee popular in the Middle East. Ginger coffee is not just delicious and spicy but also boosts digestion. If not fond of coffee, you can also add ginger to your tea and have it a couple of times during the day. 
  2. Have ginger tea as your daily dosage of Vitamin C:- Ginger tea is a well-known beverage. People consume it regularly, especially in chilly winters. Ginger tea helps to keep you warm while soothing an upset stomach. When consumed after waking up in the morning hours, it prevents morning illness and vomiting. It is also a reliable drink to reduce motion sickness. Preparing ginger tea is easy and can be prepared within minutes. Boiling gingerroot in water for about 10 minutes can do the trick. You can also add sugar to taste or even skip it as per choice. If you do not wish to prepare it from scratch at home, you can buy it ready-made from the stores. 
  3. Add ginger to your smoothies:- Protein shakes and fruit smoothies are highly nutritious meal choices. One can easily incorporate these meals into day-to-day life. However, selecting the correct ingredients for nutritious meals can further boost health benefits. Smoothies are prepared using frozen fruits, water, green leafy veggies like spinach, ice, and unsweetened nut milk, etc. Various other ingredients like ginger add a distinct flavour to the smoothies. Ginger adds warmth to the frosty drink.
  4. Ginger shots:- Ginger shots are made up of fresh ginger along with other ingredients. These are concentrated beverages that act as health boosters when consumed regularly. One can add other ingredients like orange juice, honey, ginger juice, turmeric, pepper, lemon juice, etc., to ginger shots. Preparing ginger shots at home can be done using a high power blender. Mixing all ingredients and blending them can get the job done. There are ginger shots available in the stores where one can purchase it ready-made. However, owing to the high ginger concentration, the ginger shot is unpleasant and spicy to drink. These are made up in little amounts and consumed in a couple of swings. 
  5. Ginger jams:- Fruit jams are commonly found in pantries. There are various fruit jams, but the ginger jam is a unique edible to add to your diet. Ginger jam is quite a healthy option and can enhance the taste of toast and biscuits. Several people often mix ginger into butter. Ginger jams are unique inclusions into your diet, especially for a healthy breakfast or evening snacking. 
  6. Ginger syrup:- Ginger syrup is another organic recipe to keep at home and enjoy with pancakes, toasted bread, waffles, crunchy baked, oatmeal, fruit salads, etc. It can be prepared by boiling sugar, water, and ginger slices for about half an hour. Once prepared, you can keep the syrup stored at home and enjoy it with other delicacies as desired. 
  7. Add ginger to your stir fry veggies:- A bowl of stir fry veggies are a great option that people enjoy on frequent occasions. You can combine vegetables of your preference with your personalized stir fry bowl. You can also add on chicken, beans, etc., as per choice. Adding fresh ginger slices to the bowl of veggies enhances the taste and makes it even healthier. Some of the common veggies you can add to your stir fry bowl include vegetables of your choice. You can also add chicken to your bowl if desired. 
  8. Add ginger to your curry:- Indian homes commonly use ginger in daily meals. It is a spice used traditionally to prepare curries in Indian cuisines. Ginger enhances the taste of the meals and provides added benefits to maintain a healthy body and soul. 
  9. Ginger soup:- Drinking chicken soup when suffering from a cold is a traditional remedy. People add ingredients like ginger and pepper to the freshly prepared soup to fight the cold even better. Ginger adds up to the benefits and boosts the immune system along with offering a speedy recovery. For added flavours, you can also add garlic to your chicken ginger soup.
  10. Pickled Ginger:- Ginger pickle is another common recipe in Indian homes. The spicy pickle is good to go with meals of any kind.

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