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Boost Your Immunity with Herbs

Boost Your Immunity with Herbs

Enhance Your Energy Levels with Herbs

Enhance Your Energy Levels

Fight Against Viruses and Infections

Fights Against Infections & Viruses

Suits For All Age Group

Suits for All Age Groups

100% Natural Extracts & Minerals

100% Natural Extracts & Minerals

Encapsulated in Veg Capsules

Encapsulated in Vegetarian Capsules

Made from Organically Grown Composition

Organically Grown Composition

Scientifically Prepared

Scientifically Prepared Formula

Prepared With Care

Prepared With Care Meeting Standards

Good Manufacturing Practices

Good Manufacturing Practices



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It is a unique combination of {{ingredient.ingredient_name}}, that can help you to gain health!

Here is the detailed nutrition facts for your information!

Emun Care Nutrition Fact

Does Emun Care really work ?

Emun care is an Natural Immunity Booster is an ideal formulation to give your immunity a natural boost. Ingredients like Tulsi, etc Extracts provide the goodness of 100% Plant derived Vitamin C & SuperAntioxidants that Boost your Immunity.

Why is it a must have?

Emun care Immunity Booster is a specially crafted natural immune boosting formula blended with Standardized Plant Extracts and Immunity Herbs.

Why choose an Emun care Immunity Booster?

  • It provides 100 % natural vitamin C sourced from standardized plant extracts like Amla, etc.
  • Contains immunity herbs like Ashwagandha, Tulsi which boosts immunity and improves body’s fighting capacity.
  • It thus strengthens the immune system and enhances innate immunity

How Long I Can Keep Emun Care?

Emun Care Can Be Preserved for 2 Years from the Date of Manufacture. Keep the Lid Closed and Keep it Away from Direct Sunlight.

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